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Valéria Midena

I began to appreciate aesthetics at a very young age. From the observation of small things that formed my own universe, at every insignificant choice, I have never been able to dispense with aesthetics as a value to admire and pursue.

Despite the almost immediate association between aesthetics and formal and physical traits, the perception that beauty is formed not only from objects but also from actions and attitudes made me feel, over time, the need to expand my knowledge on this matter. What, then, makes us perceive or define something as beautiful, pleasant or elegant? How do such concepts come up and establish themselves? What about the ability to perceive, would it be innate or socially and culturally constructed? And why does the admiration for aesthetics result in different values and scope for each person?

AboutEverythingElse is the result of this personal investigation - a channel through which I elaborate on the aesthetics, taste, on all things and the different pleasures they bring to our souls.