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Valéria Midena

More than 20 years in design, creating concepts, brands, furniture, objects and accessories have trained my eyes, deepened my analytical and reflective capacity and made the observation of the world around me, always under an aesthetic view, become nearly a vital need.

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from USP, the University of São Paulo, and with a specialization course in Branding at Getúlio Vargas Foundation, I have been enriching my education over the years through specialization courses in the areas of design, branding, communication, anthropology, philosophy, history, innovation and technology.

A passion for the various forms of the human being’s creative expression -architecture, visual and decorative arts, design, literature, fashion, music - combined with a search for understanding of social and urban relations, their movements and trends, have been guiding my professional activities throughout my career.

With several awards in design, published in print and online media channels (for which I also contribute with texts and articles), I’m also author and editor at AboutEverythingElse (and at its respective Facebook page), whose content I use as basis to lectures and speeches.